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Restaurant franchises are not all created equal. At Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar, you’ll find that we are quite different than most casual dining franchises.

First, there’s our unique and memorable name. The reputation of Big Whiskey’s is well known in the Midwest and attracts a wide range of ages and demographics. We pride ourselves on offering a unique gathering place focusing on great food, good times, and an awesome experience for all. We do this while staying true to the age-old traditions of maintaining the highest standards of quality and superior customer service; things that other franchise restaurants claim to offer but few do.

Big Whiskey’s is a company that really has its act together. Not every business can be franchised, most don’t have an idea what it’s going to take. They’ve taken the trouble to do things right, dotting every I and crossing every T.

Mark Siebert, CEO
iFranchise Group

HOW WE stack up

There may be lots of restaurants for sale but only one that smartly combines a unique fun environment, superior food quality and exceptional guest services resulting in a proven revenue vs. investment ratio.

We set ourselves apart from other casual dining franchises by focusing on the quality and portions of our food, and offering our unique menu items to a broad range of customers, at all times of the day and night. We call it our 4-Opportunities Method. We serve delicious food and drinks at lunch, dinner, happy hour and late night, and welcome anyone who joins us throughout the day, whether they are families with kids, groups of friends who come to watch a game, a business lunch or a couple out for the evening.





That’s why we focus on great food and entertainment all the while staying true to the age-old traditions of maintaining the highest standards of quality – from our kitchen, our bar and our people. That’s why the legend continues to grow.


your back

Whether we share the same quirky sense of humor or a similar taste in whiskey, one thing is for sure: your success is our success! What can we offer to foster your success that many big box restaurants don't? Check it out below...

location, location, location

Oh, you don't have a Masters in Site Selection? No worries! Our stellar franchise team will help you find the perfect piece of real estate for your Big Whiskey's. PLUS, a lower investment per square foot than our national competiors = more moolah towards your bottom line. Ask us for the numbers!

top secret info

Retina scan needed? Nah! Becoming part of the Big Whiskey's family means you'll receive a copy of our detailed operations guide including proprietary recipes, kitchen prep best practices, quality control guidelines, job descriptions, and much more. (Prenuptial agreement not required.)

complete training

Our comprehensive training program truly stands out from our competitors. Online courses and training quizzes are available, and we host training sessions at both a corporate location and onsite at your restaurant. This ensures you and your staff are fully ready for opening day!

ongoing support

Ripping the band-aid off can be scary. We get it. We'll send the best-of-the-best from our team of leaders out to visit you on a regular basis and provide remote support whenever you need it. Except at 4:00am. *That's when we take a break.

award winning marketing

Our creative team of in-house marketing gurus and digital design partners aim to drive sales and elevate brand recognition. (Yeah, isn't that what marketing is supposed to do?) We'll collaborate with you on initial and ongoing promotion of your Big Whiskey's, and maybe snag a few awards along the way!

supplier assistance

Every family has a long line of extended family members, and we'll gladly introduce you to ours! Connecting with our most reliable providers and cashing in on negotiated pricing and terms for key products is key to your success and our success.


If you are interested in a restaurant franchise, Big Whiskey’s has a proven history, fun attitude and motivated owners committed to your success. We currently have franchisees in Bentonville, AR and Kansas City, MO. We have additional franchisees slated to open in Las Vegas, NV and Birmingham, AL in 2019.

inside & out

Big Whiskey's


We're looking

In the 12 years since we opened our first casual dining restaurant in downtown Springfield MO, Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar has built a loyal following by offering better food, bigger portions and lower prices than our competitors, all in a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

Big Whiskey’s is offering you the chance to pursue an incredible opportunity in the restaurant franchise industry and put your skills and drive to work in a concept that has been refined, market-tested, and recognized time and time again for excellence.

become a legend in your own market

With an average ticket of $22 (Say what?) we’ve got a winning formula for success. Send us your info below and unlock access to our 21-page Investment Deck - chalk full of great information including our killer sales to investment ratio. Or, if you’re a little old school and would like to actually talk to someone, give us a call at 417-869-2449. You can also email tsampson@bigwhiskeys.com or mriddiough@bigwhiskeys.com to strike up a conversation.

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